Sunday, March 4, 2007

Vacation Time

We have just got back from a vacation in North Carolina where we were able to ski for just a few days. Everyone but Rebekah made it on to the piste, even Mummy gained a heap of confidence. As you can see, Josh is skiing like a pro now, and Ben & Ellan are learning fast! Check out their video clips by clicking on the links on the right.

While on the trip, we discovered that Rebekah gets car-sick, which happened a few times while on the windy roads of the Appalachian.

When we were driving home, we just got to the traffic jams in Atlanta, when the windshield wipers decided to stop working! (not a good thing when you are driving through torrential rain!) Just as well the traffic was slow - we were able to make it home without having to stop.

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Anonymous said...

oohh...looks like fun! Wish I was with you guys! :)